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Soulshaker | Soulful, Deep, US House Music Norwich UK

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Accessibility Statement

Soulshaker Accessibility Statement

Soulshaker is always looking to improve it’s web sites and make them easier to use. We have designed our site in accordance with guidelines laid down by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) and the RNIB.

The guidelines include:

  • Using meaningful ALT text for all images to provide descriptive text.
  • Using descriptive hyperlink text where necessary.
  • Avoiding the use of frames, which are difficult for special browsers to interpret.
  • Provide navigational short cuts for users of text only browsers and page readers.
  • Using an easy-to-see web colour scheme.
  • Using an easy to read font type, size and colour.


Making web sites easy to use goes further than just colours and fonts. We work hard to make sure our content is easy to read and easy to navigate, taking into consideration customers who use speech readers.

Our main navigation options have been assigned keyboard access keys for users who don’t use pointing devices (such as a mouse).

Changing the Way You View Our Site

If you want to alter the size of the text displayed on this site you can change the option in your Internet browser.

To Enlarge Text

  • On the browser Tools menu select ‘Internet Options’
  • On the General tab, select ‘Accessibility’
  • Tick the ‘Ignore font sizes specified on web pages’ check box
  • Click on ‘OK’
  • Click ‘text size’
  • Choose the size of text
  • The text size can be changed in Internet Explorer through the View > Text Size menu. And in Mozilla/Netscape, through the View > Text Zoom menu.
  • To increase the text size of this site, simply hold the CTRL key (PC) or CMD key (MAC) and use your mouse scroller up or down.
  • If your browser or browsing device does not support style sheets at all, the content of each page is still readable.

Keyboard Access Keys

Most modern browsers support jumping to specific page links by typing keys defined on the web site. On Windows, press ALT + an access key, or CTRL + an access key; on Macintosh, press Control + an access key.

Access Keys Used on this Site

  • S – Skips past site Navigation
  • 0 – Accessibility Statement
  • 1 – Homepage
  • 2 – News and Events
  • 3 – Audio and DJ Mixes
  • 4 – Soulshaker Resident DJs
  • 5 – Music Forum
  • 6 – History of Soulshaker
  • 7 – Photo Galleries
  • 8 – Contact Details
  • 9 – Web Links

Known Browser Support

Soulshaker has designed and built its website to operate on a wide range of browser technologies. Below is a list of browsers the site has been tested in.

PC Operating Systems

  • Internet Explorer 6, 5.5, and 5
  • Mozilla Firebird 0.7
  • Mozilla Firefox 0.8
  • Netscape Navigator 7.0
  • Opera 7.5
  • Lynx

Mac Operating Systems:

  • Safari 1.0.1
  • Internet Explorer 5.2
  • Mozilla Firebird 0.7

There may be some inaccuracies with page rendering in isolated cases, if this occurs, please contact us with the page you are having problems with.

Accessibility Software

  • JAWS, a screen reader for Windows. A time-limited, downloadable demo is available.
  • Home Page Reader, a screen reader for Windows. A downloadable demo is available.
  • Lynx, a free text-only web browser for blind users with refreshable Braille displays.
  • Links, a free text-only web browser for visual users with low bandwidth.
  • Opera, a visual browser with many accessibility-related features, including text zooming, user stylesheets, image toggle. A free downloadable version is available. Compatible with Windows, Macintosh, www, and several other operating systems.

Web Standards and Browser Compatability

  • This site uses cascading style sheets for visual layout and is built to W3C standards. The XHTML and CSS is valid and the site, according to our judgement of the guidelines, complies with the WAI Level 3 accessibility guidelines.
  • This site has been tested in all modern browsers on Windows, MacOS and Linux. Pages on this site benefit from structured semantic markup. This means that if your browser or browsing device does not support style sheets, the content of each page is still readable and is presented in a logical order. You can choose to switch off style sheets in many modern browsers if you so wish.


Regular & Guest Djs

How to contact Ollie Blackmore

Press Enquiries for Soulshaker

For all general enquiries, please email us

Andy Bunn
Phone: +44(0) 7880 808049

Ollie Blackmore
Phone: +44(0) 7957 191757

Darren Mac
Phone: +44(0) 7768 700334

How to book Ollie Blackmore to DJ

How to book Ollie Blackmore for Djing

If you would like Soulshaker to host a room or a tour night, let us know!

For all aspects of artist management, DJ bookings, press and media enquries, please email us at

DJ Sasha who played at Norwich Waterfront for Milky Lunch